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5 Ways With Art in Your Home

A beautiful artwork can add colour and life into any space. If you’ve invested in bold art that speaks to your soul and personality, you have a variety of options for displaying this in your home. Here we share five elegant ways to hang art in your abode with SHF Home


  1. On a shelf or mantel

Instead of mounting a framed artwork on a wall, you can add a wonderful display of art on a simple ledge or shelf. An uninviting passageway can be transformed with a thin floating shelf and your favourite art in a prime position.

2. A Gallery Wall

Add colour and vibrancy to a blank wall by carefully positioning an arrangement of your favourite artwork, for all to see. You could go with complementary frames and colours or add contrast and tone as you build up an inspiring gallery wall of your collected art.

3. In an entrance

Your home’s entrance is the first port of call for visitors and friends. Make a grand statement with an oversized piece of artwork right as you enter the doorway. Choose something bold and provocative to get the conversation going, or hang a piece of art that will hint at the overall ambience of your entire abode.

4. Above a Stairwell

Don’t leave that old and forgotten staircase to gather dust. Create a bold display of art along an adjacent wall or, better yet at the top of an elegant stairwell. This will draw the eye upward and elevate this space beautifully.

5. In the Bathroom

Art need not be limited to the living spaces only. In fact, we love the idea of incorporating colourful artwork into the bathroom to bring a little life to an otherwise forgotten room in the house. Be sure to go for something that can stand up well in moist environments – framed images showcased behind glass may be your best bet here.

Be inspired this season and bring your favourite pieces of art to life in your home.


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