Zawadi: Metallics

Expect rich warm accents in the living spaces

Another year of  style and design is upon us and many homeowners are looking to revamp their living spaces. The month of love reminds us to honour our homes with the things we adore and admire, so as many trends come in, make sure to watch the ones that hold close to your heart and senses. Metallics are making a big comeback.

Expect to see rich, warm accents, on a piece of furniture or around a room. The new look is shiny metal, from warm neutrals like classic bronze to the contrast of cool metals, in polished recycled aluminium and in shiny silver finishes on décor pieces.

Zawadi: Metallics
As we continue to weave more and more texture into our interiors, the focus is on adding elegance to a space with an accent in metallics. 2017 will see a resurgence of bronze in interiors as bronze is a metal that warms up any space while lending a classic feel that succeeds in complementing a wide range of décor styles.

You don’t need to buy a new piece of furniture or try a new coat of paint, just look out for bronze in décor accents, like these abstract bronze love figurines, to add warmth and character to a space and watch them blend in as beautifully with timeless neutrals as with the new bolder, richer colour trends.

Zawadi: Metallics
Add a fresh look with classic animal themes in these trendy polished aluminium tableware designs or choose a riveting statement piece in the silver décor giraffes to contrast the new layering of textures in interiors, with these cool accents to perfectly offset your preferred style.
Zawadi: Metallics
Warm and cool metals mix well together, remember metals are accent pieces so a few select items will go a long way to add a fresh new look to your month of love.

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