Zawadi Celebrates Africa With An Iconic Wildlife Heritage

Zawadi presents a new range of quality aluminium decor that is an authentic celebration of ancient Africa with these contemporary renditions of our iconic wildlife heritage.     

The beautifully shaped kudu horns have long been prized in Africa and were traditionally used to store honey or for use in symbolic rituals and of course kudu horns have mostly been used for centuries as a musical instrument. In some African cultures, the kudu horn is believed to be the dwelling place of powerful spirits and across Africa the kudu horn has always been an integral part of African culture and is revered by the peoples of Africa.

Zawadi’s new range of aluminium decor is sand cast, using traditional manufacturing methods. Only the highest grade recycled aluminium has been used to create nickel and lead-free sculptures. Now you can adorn your surroundings with these modern décor accents in trendy finishes that echo timeless Africa in a modern aluminium rendition that complements the spectrum of tastes from classic to traditional and contemporary décor styles.

The sable antelope has long been considered to be more of a God than an animal to the peoples of ancient Africa. This is due to the rare sightings of sable antelope out in the open, and also because of its distinctive black and white markings, said to represent day and night, dark and light.

Healers and Shamans traditionally chose the sable horn to make ritual bows, that were used to fire arrows in special ceremonies. This majestic antelope is now endangered and is mostly found within the protection of the Kruger National Park. The kudu and sable heads are both available in a shiny polished finish and also in a smooth textured finish. Each head is supplied with a sturdy wall bracket for easy and secure wall mounting.

The life-size kudu head is 83cm in height and weighs 5kg while the sable head is 45cm in height and weighs 3kg. Now you can bring the outdoors inside in a new and exciting way to enhance the balance and harmony in your special space while honouring the age-old traditions of our beloved Africa.

Kudu and Sable heads

You can visit to view these and other unique décor items in the range.


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