White Diva – Style Your Space with Kare Design

Have you ever walked through an all-white interior and been blown away by the whimsy and elegance of it all. Now you can create your own White Diva space with Kare Design and a carefully curated selection of decor and accessories.

Layering different shades of white in your home can be refreshing and help to lighten up a dark space. Think white furnishings and key furniture to add brightness and style to your home. Not all tones of white need to be the same. There are so many variations and shades of white that you can use together to transform your space.

White also works with a variety of tones and styles. As the lightest colour on the spectrum, it really has a way of adding vibrancy and modern appeal to interior design. It’s a key component in a great design, and decorators can agree that white is a classic tone that will never go out of fashion.

We particularly love white in a contemporary home office space. Add a hint of white to bring a touch of contrast to other shades used in your interior. In your home office, contemporary white furniture can create a truly inspiring space to work and embrace productivity.

In the bedroom or dressing room, white too, is a refreshing and uplifting tone. From the bedding to your cabinetry and even your choice of wall decor, white is always fabulous and intriguing. Add a mirror to brighten up your space and invest in carefully selected art to enhance an all white look in your master suite.

Here are some of our favourite finds now available from Kare Design. Shop the look here and bring White Diva style to your home today.


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