Stadl Art: Three is The Perfect Balance

Looking for a lamp that is more than just a light, but something that stands out from the crowd? Stadl Art’s hand-made vintage tripod lamps provide the perfect balance in creativity, quality and authenticity.

In an era where technology has changed the building industry to the extent where the vintage wooden tripod is not seen to be useful anymore, Stadl Art is taking the initiative to only use 30 to 80-year-old tripods for their lamps. Thus when purchasing one of these items, you know you have a piece of history standing in your home.

These items are so rare, that months of searching could lead to finding only one. Stadl Art takes great pride in these finds to make sure you have a beautiful re-purposed light, which has years of blood, sweat, sunshine and raindrops engraved onto its wood through the hardworking building and land surveyors in the industry.

Some of the tripod lamps featured include:

This vintage dumpy level with tripod was re-purposed into a beautiful tripod lamp hanging down the middle. With added detail on the wooden frame of the tripod, this light is sure to catch the attention for its beautiful detail.

Dumpy level tripod lamp with beautiful finishing on the wooden frame and Sphinx-like figure mounted on top. This lamp provides a beautiful soft light hanging down the middle.

Die soektog – translated to English as “The search”
Vintage searchlight from a ship created to bring something special from the ocean right into your home.

For more information, contact Stadl Art for a viewing or visit the website:



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