Shop The Look: Achieve Rustic Elegance With Our Top Interior Finds

Bring the beauty of the outdoors inside this season and create an inspired rustic elegance in your interior. Shop the look with our latest finds and create a beautiful space for entertaining and relaxation at home.

Rustic elegance is all about unrefined beauty – a mix of natural and organic materials with raw wood, linen, woven fabrics and organic prints. If you have an open patio or stoep that needs updating, be sure to plan the space accordingly and create a seating space that will serve as the ideal spot for rest and entertainment with your family.

The right seating is key for creating a comfortable patio. If you want to enhance a rustic look on your patio, invest in durable pieces that will add to the style and comfort of this space. Hanging seats are spectacular – imagine winding down after a busy day as you swing away on your own patio. Added chairs and an outdoor sofa are also great options to add seating for your family. Keep things neutral in light tones and rustic fabrics and colours to create a uniform and stylish look.

Introduce wooden elements and woven materials such as basketware and woven seats for added interest and a textural element to your patio. Wooden accessories such as bowls, light fitting and vases are wonderful additions to a rustic elegant patio.

Soften the look with beautiful soft furnishings such as an outdoor rug – in a durable thread. Ensure that your guests are catered for and add a few throws for added comfort to your space – a must-have for those cooler evening outdoors.

Shop the look with all of our favourite finds here:

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