SHF: How to Embrace An Ethnic Chic Style At Home

The art of interior design is often a very personal experience. Here we learn to share the love of our favourite things and create a space that is both intimate and stylish for our family. Ethnic Chic design is beautiful, layered and personal. It often honours the past, with its traditions and cultures that make us who we are.

SHF helps us create beautifully intimate spaces and we are thrilled that they now offer us the latest in ethnic chic interior decor and furniture elements to help us achieve the look in our homes.

From lighting and furniture to accessories and textures, each element combines a rich sense of past cultures, modern taste, and contemporary living. The style explores a love of pattern, shapes and mixed materials, and works together to create a distinct eclectic look that can be dovetailed with many styles and can be added to over time.

The beautiful cascading chandelier (1) from SHF is certainly a statement piece. It reigns over a room like a work of art and will certainly add texture and intrigue to any design.

The power of an ethnic chic interior is also the combination of textures and surfaces that work together beautifully – side by side, yet distinct and uniquely characteristic on their own.

Such is the magnificently crafted furniture offerings from SHF, including the striking Osso Sideboard (3), Lace Patio Chair (6) and Large Skull Objet (2). Each adds a sense of texture and interest as stand-alone pieces that will complement any modern design.

From modern seating to fascinating furniture and decor, here you will find the right piece to add style to your space. Take a look at some of Marcia’s favourites here:

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