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SHF: How To Bring Organic Beauty Into Your Home

Nature is often a source of inspiration for designers and today we take a look at some innovative ways to add organic and natural elements to your home. Thanks to SHF, you can find the ideal interior pieces to bring nature home this season.


  1. Bring The Beauty of The Outdoors In

We often find inspiration in nature as it connects us to the outdoors. Bring the beauty of nature inside and create a fresh, inspired interior. Nature is often filled with woody tones, natural materials and beautiful textures. Basketware is a great way to bring nature indoors. SHF offers a wide selection and our favourites include the Shopper Black Basket (5) and Large Round Basket (11). Baskets add organic texture and colour to any space. Add it to your living room or use in the bathroom or bedroom as a stylish storage solution.

2. A Place of Calm and Serenity

For centuries, people have welcomed the use of natural and organic elements in interior design. There is very little else that helps to create a welcoming space – one that is both peaceful and calm. Enhance a sense of serenity indoors with carefully curated organic furniture such as the Sorrento Pedestal (9) and Ravi Side Table (7) – both are great additions to help establish a peaceful sanctuary in the bedroom. Don’t forget to add an organic lighting solution to enhance the look. The Crawford Table Lamp from SHF (10) will add texture and tone to your master suite!

3. Natural Wood Embraces True Craftsmanship

Add depth and richness to your interior design and welcome wooden furniture to enhance the organic nature of your design scheme. Wood, with it’s many variations, tones and textures, has a wonderful way of showcasing the work of its craftsmen. Look to artisan crafted furniture for a natural, rustic and country appeal or opt for antique wood in the bedroom for a more traditional and classic look. We love the natural look of SHF’s Duke Dining Table (6) and Ankara Dining Chair (8) which is sure to add a rustic, organic tone to any dining space.

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