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SHF: 4 Ways To Create Ambience At Home With Candles and Lanterns

Turn your house into a home with a few personal touches to your interior styling. Candles and lanterns are a great way to add ambience and create a cosy, intimate space at home. With SHF, you can have your pick of beautiful votives, contemporary candle holders, timeless lanterns and more.

Here we share four easy ways to decorate with candles and lanterns for an inspired interior.

1. Add A Scent

Did you know that the sense of smell is often associated with memory? Tantalize the senses and create unforgettable memories at home by including beautiful scented candles in your living spaces. Fragranced candles are a great way to invigorate your home with vibrancy and sweet-smelling scents.

2. Seasonal Decor

The festive season is here. Use a simple arrangement of candles and lanterns to add some festive cheer to your home. Decorate your lantern or candle holder in festive colours and add ribbons and baubles for a truly inspired, seasonal look.

3. Elegant in Gold

Gold is both bold and classic. It is a timeless addition to any interior. For an intimate and elegant home, add golden touches to elevate your space. SHF has a fabulous range of golden lanterns such as the Cube Candle Holder (1) and Leaf Candle Holder (5) to bring a touch of opulence to your living room.

4. Add interest and height

Use candles to add interest to a tabletop, mantel or entryway. Use different heights to create a visual appeal and add a variety of candles in different shapes and sizes to create a beautiful display. When lit, a collection of candles can easily create a beautifully calming and mesmerising ambience at home. SHF’s Weddell Candle Holder (6) and Monkey Candle Holder (4) are great for adding height to a display.

Create a dreamy interior with your choice of inspired candles and lanterns from SHF this season.

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