Sevens: Top Tips For Decorating Your First Apartment

Moving into your own place for the first time? This is such an exciting time and can be a little daunting if you suddenly have to furnish and decorate a home of your own. Here we share some top tips to help you get the job done with style.

Say goodbye to dorm life and hand-me-downs and invest in timeless pieces that will last in your new home. Invest in a quality bed for your bedroom and choose key furniture items to make an impact.

It’s finally time to add your own personality to your space. Shop around and browse through decor magazines and blogs (such as ours) for inspiration. Create a mood board of things you love so you can figure out how to bring the look into your own space.

If you start with a neutral base you can certainly achieve a minimalist and put-together look. But don’t be afraid to infuse your new apartment with a little colour. Mix in a little colour and your space will feel sophisticated, rather than childish.

An all-white palette is a great start for any new interior. Here you can use it as a blank canvas and layer your home as you see fit, and as you free up budget to invest in all the significant furniture items you love and need.

White is very much on trend at the moment, so don’t be afraid of the open space and and lightness that it brings to your apartment.

Invest in art and interesting decor elements that speak to you. A simple artwork can help to add life into a dull room and will set the tone in any space. Set a framed artwork above a table or on a blank wall and allow it to create an ambience in your home.

You can also play around and group different accessories to suit you. A table top with a display of beautiful vases, decor and more is sure to add texture, colour and tone to a new apartment.

Need warmth? Don’t forget about adding soft furnishings to soften your new home. An area rug is a wonderful way to add warmth underfoot while soft furnishings such as throws, scatters and more are ideal for adding texture and comfort to any space.

Sevens stocks beautiful furniture suitable for the entire home from bedroom, to lounge, to dining, to office and even outdoor. They have a huge selection of accessories to make your home beautiful and to just add the finishing touch in the Sevens way.

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