Plascon House Tour: That’s So Peachy

Today’s tiny apartment comes to life in peachy tones and an eclectic mix of furniture with customised pieces that work well to maximise space and add to the transitional design of this small cottage.

The colour palette is fresh and a reminder of Spring shades with hints of peach present throughout this 32 sq.m. cottage. At just 4 metres wide, and 8 metres long, this house really is the perfect case study in small footprint living. And yet, the designer look is captivating and the choice of colourway is quite refreshing!

In the centre of the space, a utilities ‘pod’ was designed – this space houses a small bathroom, and provides a robust internal wall for the kitchen bench top. It also acts as an efficient divide between the living and sleeping spaces.

Everything in this home is integrated and all the furniture is custom built – with not an inch to spare.

in a home that essentially operates as ‘one room’, consistency of colour and materials was paramount. The owners decided on a tonal palette with blush pinks, sharp whites, and blonde oak timber throughout. The soft pink tile that covers the central pod was the starting point in selecting the colour palette and is one of our favourite elements.

Living in such a small space, organisation is key. It forces you to think about the position and function of everything you bring into the space. As such, the owners had to carefully consider every item and in the end, they have created a wonderful little retreat that is both modern and stylish.




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