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Pilgrimage LivingSpaces: Cool, Calm and Collected in Indigo

There is something calming about the colour blue. As if echoing nature, blue speaks to the soul, linking to the soothing tones of the ocean and skies at dusk. We have seen indigo make a bold design impression in interior design this season, and thanks to Pilgrimage LivingSpaces, you can now incorporate this hot (or rather cool) hue into your own personalised interiors and revel in the splendour that Indigo has to offer in your own home.

Add Indigo to your living room or bedroom with beautiful decor accents and textiles now available from Pilgrimage LivingSpaces. The Indigo diamond and arrow kantha quilt is something magical – add it to the end of your bed or over a couch for a truly authentic experience. Printed with mud (Dabu), this quilt is 100% naturally dyed with indigo by a talented team of artisans in Rajasthan. Finished with hand stitching by a master seamstress in Jaipur India, Madhuri, Kantha stitching is used to finish it off.

This is one of the oldest forms of embroidery which originated in India many centuries ago and is past down from mother to daughter. The quilt is light weight, consisting of two pieces of fabric stitched together which makes a great summer blanket or decorative throw adding a traditional, authentic and exotic flair to your living space.

Choose smaller accent pieces to bring indigo into your home. The nautical chic white dots, as seen in the bolster cushions, ottomans and even butterfly chair will bring a pop of colour to your living spaces. Toss one or two of the bolster cushions on your bed, sofa or chairs. Dyed with natural indigo, the pillows are block printed with a mud resistant mud paste by a talented team of artisans in Bagru, Rajasthan. Embrace the tranquillity that Indigo has to offer in home designs. It brings a fresh, soothing and calm quality that is perfect for the change of season.

The Showroom Pilgrimage Livingspaces has opened up a new showroom. Stylish and sophisticated, you can now view your favourite items in a curated space. Visit here: Shop 12,  Corner Portswood and Somerset/Main Rd Greenpoint, Cape Town (Above Woolworths. Look for the Big Bali umbrella on the balcony )

Opening hours  Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm Saturday 9am – 1pm Photography by Ian Vermeulen 

About the photographer Ian Vermeulen was the perfect choice of photographer when it came to someone who understands the value of detail. Having honed his skills as a designer in marketing and art directing for television stills, Ian is able to find the beauty in the the ordinary and translate this visually with accuracy and detail. A keen eye and profound passion is evident in his work for Pilgrimage. Visit him at for samples of his incredible portfolio

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