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Novel Art: Marvellous Moments with Mirrors

Mirrors are super versatile when it comes to spicing things up in your interior. They can be used in any room to reflect light and complement your overall design scheme.  Timeless metallic frames are classic combinations that should not be overlooked. Go bold with a beautiful traditional mirror from Novel Art.

Here’s how to decorate with mirrors for an elegant interior:

1. Above A Mantel

Create a striking visual focal point in the living room by adding a bold mirror in a classic silver or golden frame. Let this piece become a talking point and help to anchor your traditional design style.

2. Oversized Floor Mirrors

Make a grand statement of style with an oversized leaning mirror in an entryway or living room. A large mirror becomes a showstopper when you give it the space it requires to dominate in a room. It will also help to open up the room and can make a space feel larger than it is!

3. A Classic Entryway

First impressions matter. Use a beautiful classic framed mirror above an entrance table or in a lobby and allow it to reflect light in this space. Your guests will appreciate the bold statement right at the entrance of your home!

4. Create a Gallery Wall

If you have a large open wall in your home, a showcase of beautiful mirrors can create an eye-catching feature. Play around with different shapes and sizes and create something interesting and appealing to suit your style.

Novel Art & Frames are one of the largest suppliers in South Africa catering to the art & gifting trade. Their extensive range of products is continuously updated and available on their website for download. The above showcase of mirrors is now available from them!

Go on – shop the look and bring a classic mirror home this season.

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