Novel Art: Look At Yourself From Head to Toe

Mirrors are a great way to add depth to a room. Not only a key element in the design of an interior, a mirror also offers very practical assistance. 

When you’re getting dressed in the morning and you need to check if your shoes really does match your jacket, a full length mirror is a must-have item. A large mirror is therefore a necessity in any changing room or bedroom to help you see yourself from head to toe.

The full-length mirror

There are many ways to incorporate a full length mirror into your space. Mount it on an open wall, add one to your walk-in closet, or better yet, go bold and purchase a full-length mirror to lean against a wall in your bedroom. This is a very contemporary look that would fit in perfectly with a minimalist or modern style.

You could also mount a full-length mirror to the outside (or inside) of a bedroom cupboard, so that it is right there when you select your clothing each morning.

Whatever your choice, I think we can all agree, that a simple mirror is a staple in the home. It offers interest in your living spaces and can help you get ready with greater ease in the bathroom or closet area.

Decorative and more:

Mirrors can also be wonderful decorative items at home. Create a gallery wall with different shapes and sizes of mirrors displayed on a feature wall. Add a mirror above a mantel and elevate it to a whole new dimension of style. Whether oversized or small, mirrors can make a significant impact. Be sure to invest in a style and size to work for you.

Novel Art & Frames boast a wonderful collection of mirrors in various styles and sizes. With an extensive and continuously refreshed product range, you’re sure to find the right mirror to suit your space. With a dedicated team of sales and support staff, they’re leading the pack and are ready to assist you in every way.

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