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Living Zen With Laforma SA

Living Zen – learn how to create tranquillity and relaxation in your home decor. Here we share some useful tips from the experts at Laforma SA.

Zen refers to meditation, in interior design it reflects balance, harmony and relaxation. It is often associated with minimalism, simplicity and purity of lines. Zen decor is a way of arranging our homes in such a way that it creates a calming atmosphere that offsets the stresses of our daily routines.

Here are some ways to incorporate Zen into your space:

  • Earthy tones & colour palettes – Zen inspired designs are all about neutral colour pallets such as white, grey & beige, this induces a sense of calm & relaxation. Continuity & flow is key when planning a space using neutral tones. To create diversity play with different tones of your favourite earthy colour combining different textures, dimension & depth is created when a number of different textures are combined within the same colour palette.

  • Stick with natural, light fabrics – Fabrics must all stick to the same rule, the same principals must be applied to every room in the house as a whole. The most essential element in Zen decor is your curtains, curtains provide a sense of intimacy while reducing noise & blocking air draughts. Select natural textiles such as cotton, linen & woo. Match the curtains with the rest of the decor, this will emphasise the flow from the one room into the next.
  • Play with soft & natural light – To create the ultimate relaxing atmosphere in a space replace harsh florescent lights with more calming nature inspired warm lighting. Avoid projecting a strong light from the ceiling, introduce floor & table lamps that allow you to control the areas that will be illuminated.

  • Select furniture that is simple & natural – Ideally the furniture pieces should be made from natural, organic elements to bring a sense of warmth. Combining elements such as timber & stone can be an effective way to introduce contrast in a calming way & less dramatic than using contrasting colour palettes.
  • De-clutter the space – Avoid clutter by keeping accessories to a minimum or eliminate them all together as clutter inhibits relaxation. Do not exaggerate with cushions. The key principle of Zen decor is straight, clean lines reflecting minimalism. Always remember Less is more!

Keep calm & stay Zen. Shop the latest decor from Laforma SA.

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