LaForma SA: 7 Design Trends To Keep An Eye On

With changing seasons and fads, it’s easy to get distracted and unsure of how to successfully decorate your home. Here, LaForma SA shares some top tips to with seven hot trends you can try out at home for yourself.

1. Small Details Make A Big Impact
We’re beginning to see a greater focus on attention to detail for example stitching in different colours in upholstery or designs that feature a honeycomb finish on the side.

2. Texture – Bring on The Velvet
Velvet in dark green and blue easily brings the element of luxury and glamour to a room without the expense.

3. Coppers and Metals Are In
Whilst rose gold will be less prominent than previous years, copper will continue to thrive and gives the feeling of enrichment to a room. We’ll continue to see metals interwoven with wood in key furniture such as tables that serve as a centrepiece.

4. Multi-functional Furniture
Items such as a nesting table (a set of pull out tables that fit together or apart) that serves as a coffee table and / or a side table are more than practical. They’re making a statement too.

5. Curves
Curves are not only top of mind within fashion and Instagram but they’re making an appearance within decor and design too.

6. Bold Colour
There’s a huge shift from furniture that is beige and grey but in a lighter grey or grey beige has replaced the darker hues of yesteryear. Add to these hues of dusty pink and you’ve got the perfect match. Less cooler colours and bolder colours are coming in with the blues and greens that started making an impact in 2018 but perhaps even reds and oranges that will compliment the brass and the copper well.

7. Pattern On Pattern Layering
Yes you heard right, please don’t match! Pattern matching is out and you’ll find a number of different patterns incorporated into a room. It’s all about depth without the heaviness. This is why you’ll also find various fabrics and pieces layered on top of each other. Yes, this means full permission to buy two throws instead of one!

LaForma SA offers a complete range of home furnishings and interior design accessories. Be sure to check them out for the perfect accompaniments to your styled interiors.

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