La Grange Interiors: We Dine Together

Dining is a social experience where we are able to commune together with our loved ones over good, wholesome food. Although our conversations and scrumptious meals often take centre stage when it comes to dining, there are a number of other factors to consider when it comes to a comfortable dining experience for all!

Selecting the right dining room furniture will definitely help to create the right mood for social engagement. That’s why we have identified some of our favourite designer dining room chairs, by none other than La Grange Interiors. Let’s take a closer look at some of these bespoke offerings from this creative team:

In the dining room, comfort and function are crucial when it comes to choosing the right furniture. La Grange Interiors remain on trend with these stylish seating solutions to suit many different tastes and preferences. We love the choice of solid wood, which is always a classic timeless option in the dining room. Pair a wooden chair with an assortment of textures and colours, and it will always blend in beautifully and stand the test of time. La Grange Interiors is popularly known for their exceptional quality craftsmanship. They easily blend old with new, straddling classic and contemporary style and above all promoting easy, elegant living. From soft furnishings in 100% linens to timeworn antiques, custom designed wooden furniture, lamps, accessories and glassware that will still be admired by the next generation and that blend easily with their signature casual yet elegant kubu cane and rattan furniture. Owner, Sumari Krige, has an eye for timeless and exclusive items for the home that is superb. For more visit La Grange Interiors.  


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