La Grange’s All New District Eight Design

Purchasing a home that you love is probably the biggest hurdle to overcome in creating a haven for you and your family. Furnishing your home should be the next top priority to creating the ideal space to enjoy life together. La Grange Interiors remains on trend with a bespoke collection of trendy furniture offerings for modern living.

The all new District Eight Design by La Grange Interiors is beautifully edgy, modern and oh so visually stimulating for any contemporary interior. With a rustic charm, we love that these pieces are totally versatile and suitable for traditional or even modern and eclectic spaces. The collection boasts a range of mixed materials – solid wood, metals and even concrete that infuses the pieces with energy.

The collection includes a stylish range of dining chairs – with detailed additions of metal and wood that are harmonious. Furthermore, you will find a stunning range of bar stools, side tables and consoles that complete the range. The La Grange brand is unique in that every single item is handpicked or designed by Sumari herself and invariably has an exotic story attached to it.

It is this passion for the extraordinary that takes her all over the world – to little known crafters’ workshops, to artisan families who have been plying their crafts for generations and into dusty antique stores – all in a quest to uncover unique, handmade items that speak to her and that she knows her clientele will love. Stock changes on a weekly basis, ensuring visitors to the La Grange showrooms are always greeted with a surprise, a new find and something that delights the eye.  

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