Kartell: A Japanese Inspired Tableware Collection

The Trama tableware collection signed by Patricia Urquiola is a complete dinner set inspired by Japanese pottery with its characteristic and highly refined textures in gorgeous natural earthy colours and matte finishes.

Patricia Urquiola has created a brand new tableware collection named Trama (a complete set of plates, jugs and glasses) that drew inspiration from Japanese ceramics and the sophisticated textures and natural, opaque colours of the earth. Like terracotta tea services in country houses, the plates are coarse to the touch and feature graphics that beautifully highlight the collection’s simplicity.

The glasses and jugs, in contrast, were inspired by the most exquisite crystal available, yet bear the same markings as the plates. Trama is a modern, sophisticated collection for any contemporary foodie and entertainer! The neutral, simple tones of the tableware blend together beautifully and would make for a stunning table setting, within a minimalist, traditional or even eclectic dining room display. The rough texture and graphic strokes evident in the plates, elegantly underline the essentiality of this beautiful collection.

Find the full range, including plates, bowls, jugs and glassware, available from Italian brand Kartell. Kartell’s products express the language and the atmosphere of the period in which they were created, but at the same time they are ‘contemporary articles’ and they incorporate many other values and messages and this is why they have become an integral part of our domestic scenario. In South Africa, the agents for Kartell are True Design.  

Contact: True Design.


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