Kare Design: How To Add Luxury & Colour To Your Living Room

A little luxury and colour can go a long way in transforming your home. Make the most of these insider design tips to add both of these elements to your living room, with statement furniture and accessories now available from Kare Design.

Colour is life. In interior design, a colour can change the mood of a space and certainly add to the luxury factor of your living room. The colours you choose can play a significant role, so be sure to choose a palette which will complement the luxe feel of your furniture and furnishings.

Bold colours often create a sense of energy and confidence. These can be explosive and add power and drama to the living room. However, light, soft neutral shades can create a relaxed and earthy ambience. Decide on the feel of your room and work towards that end goal. Your colour choices can be used to enhance the atmosphere you hope to achieve.

Colour does not need to be limited to the walls only. In fact, you can create balance in your living room with accessories in your desired colour palette. Soft furnishings are great for adding richness and colour to suit your scheme. Luxurious throws and pillows can complete the look and bring depth, texture and more to your space.

Add instant luxury and colour with these top elements:

  • Create interest around a striking coffee table in an unconventional finish or colour. This can become a talking point in a luxurious living space.
  • A neutral sofa is a timeless addition and you can spice it up with colourful scatters to suit your palette.
  • Add a mix of interesting decor in a variety of finishes. Glass, metal and ceramics have an elegant touch in a luxurious interior.

Here are some of our favourite finds now available from Kare Design:

Bring luxury and colour to your living room with the perfect items to turn your house into a home.

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