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Kare Design: Embrace Gold With Hollywood Glam Styling

There is nothing like the glitz and glam of Hollywood. How do you successfully incorporate this style into your home? We asked Kare Design to lead the way on this one…

Is golden furniture too much? No, not at all – it totally depends on the styling! Kare shows us how to do it the right way with their latest brass coloured collection referred to as “Boulevard” with a modern style to inspire.

It’s all about the styling

White walls, tinted glass, pastels and graphic design add modern coolness to this Hollywood glam furnishing style as put together by Kare Design.

If you would like to enhance your living room with the carefree lifestyle of the Hollywood Hills, the Boulevard collection is the ideal choice. It is characterised by a fabulous combination of shiny brass and glass for the table tops and shelves.

The dining table, console table, coffee table and shelf units are discreetly glamorous and not at all ostentatious. The stainless steel frames with their brass finish and the graphic side panels of the shelf units radiate a subtle modern aesthetic.

With Boulevard, Kare’s creative team has updated the unmistakably elegant living style of the Hollywood Regency period for the contemporary world. For the stars of the Fifties, it added glamour to their villas high above Los Angeles, and today it is experiencing a stylish comeback.

The modern Hollywood glam look is made possible by fresh ingredients added to the interior design of the room: casual bouquets of flowers, velvety cushions and upholstery covers in chalky pastel colours. And finally an indispensable feature for the Californian attitude to life: lush green plants with spectacularly shaped leaves such as the banana tree, pilea, strelitzia or splendid indoor palm trees.

Achieve the beauty of Hollywood Glam with the Boulevard Collection and embrace a touch of gold in your home.

Find this collection now at Kare Design.

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