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DIY: Create your own terrarium

Add a touch of greenery to your living space with a beautiful and delicate terrarium. Whether on display on a table top or hanging from a shelf or ceiling, a mini open-air garden in a glass container is a fun and creative way to add life and colour to your interior.

What you will need:

  •         A clear glass vessel
  •         Small white pebbles
  •         Potting soil suitable for succulents
  •         Small succulents
  •         White sand
  •         A Spoon

What you need to do:

  1. Start with a medium-sized, clear glass open-top container. You can use anything that strikes your fancy—a vase, a cleaned-out pasta jar, a fish bowl, or a special terrarium bowl.
  2. Fill the bottom of the vessel with a layer of small rocks to collect the water drainage.
  3. Add a layer of potting soil made for succulents and cacti. It should be deep enough for the plants to root to, about 5 to 10 cm.
  4. Remove the largest plant from its container and dust excess soil off the roots. Using the end of a spoon, make a hole in the soil big enough for the roots and nestle the plant inside, tamping the soil down firmly to hold it in place.Tip: Use a paper towel to transplant prickly cacti to avoid pricking your fingers.
  5. Continue planting the rest of the succulents, working from largest to smallest. It’s easiest to start at the back of the container and work your way forward. Tip: Play around with the arrangement—mixing up the types of plants, colours, and sizes to make it more visually pleasing.
  6. Once the plants are arranged, add about a tiny layer of white sand around the plants.
  7. Finish with some landscaping. Place a few additional pebbles here and there to complete the look. Tip: Succulents like direct sunlight every day. Lightly water the base every two weeks or once the soil dries out.

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