Decorate for the holidays with these top tips

Bring the magic of the holidays to your interiors. It’s the one time of the year where people won’t look down on you for adorning your home with tinsel, sparkles and fairy lights. But before you overdo it, here we share some top tips for achieving a stylish holiday decor you can be proud of!

Choose holiday colours The festive season is all about colour – but there are actually a variety of palettes you could choose to decorate your home. Red, green and white is the more traditional choice, but what about blue, white and silver for a more modern festive decor approach! Whatever your colour choice, be sure to keep things cohesive and create harmony with accent pieces in your chosen hues.
The Festive Wreath Nature and greenery are big additions to Christmas interior decor. Whether you bring in minimal fir branches or a full-length tree, bring in hints of greenery for an earthy, inspired festive decoration this Christmas.
Lighting The festive season would be very dull if it were not for the sparkle of fairy lights and twinkling trees. You don’t have to overdo it, however. In fact, a simple arrangement of minimal lighting in key areas around your home will immediately soften your decor style and create a holiday ambiance that is ideal for Christmas. Table Settings The holidays are synonymous with good food and fine dining. Deck the dining hall with beautiful crockery and go the extra mile in displaying your finest linens and tableware to make an impression. Choose neutrals paired with distinct pieces for added drama and style.
The details A simple wooden star may easily hint at the festive season. Bring such subtle reminders into every room of your house and carefully consider the finer details to achieve the overall look. Christmas decor is about creating a warm, relaxing and family-friendly environment, so your decorations should definitely suit this style.


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