D-Core Design: How To Transform Blank Walls Into Dreamy Interiors

Moving into a new home can be challenging. With so many new rooms to furnish and decorate, you have to be smart with your choices. Here are a few ways to transform blank walls into homely spaces you’ll love.

Depending on your design scheme of choice, bold artwork can certainly add interest and colour to any blank wall. If you’re starting with a clean slate such as a blank wall, decide on the overall style of your room first, and choose art that with either complement or contrast with your selections.

Modern, contemporary art is always a winner in any space. Bold oversized artworks on canvas or in a beautiful frame can spice up your interior and work as a bold feature in any space.

Consider the size of your walls as a good starting point. Next, shop around and browse through a variety of art and decor options to suit your tastes and style. If you’re not sure about the right option, chat to an art curator or specialist about what would work best in your home. However, remember that art is certainly a personal choice. Select something that you are drawn to – something you love and want in your home. After all, you’ll be the one looking at this interesting piece of art on a daily basis.

Whether textured wall art, modern or abstract paintings, or framed photography – there is certainly a variety of options to choose from in order to transform a blank wall in your home. You can also choose to mix and match your favourite pieces and create a gallery wall of interesting artworks and photographs that can be admired by all.

Looking for the perfect art to adorn your walls? D-Core “Art and Soul Design” are a specialized supplier of decorative art designed to perfectly suit almost every living and working environment. As official distributors of some of the most exciting European contemporary and decorative art suppliers, they have a large selection of product to satisfy almost any individual taste.

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