DARK Launches New Website

It’s only been a few months since DARK opened to the public and they are already growing bigger and better. They’re gearing up to launch their brand new website and remain focused on bringing you the best in interior décor and design.

The team has travelled the world in the hopes of finding you the most stylish pieces for your home! DARK’s latest range is inspired by clean, crisp and timeless pieces.

DARK is the latest brainchild of Streamlight’s directors. A multi-labelled and eclectic lifestyle store born out of a passion for curated experience. Offering South African shoppers a taste of global lifestyle trends with an authentic twist. ‘Inspired by’ yet original, unique yet timeless, DARK is fundamentally a playground for the sophisticated.

Not only about pushing brands from overseas, DARK wants to focus on creating a creative, aspirational space for local artists, designers and creators. A space where collaboration is the name of the game.

Focused on showcasing the latest in African and international street trends. DARK is committed to shine a light on the urban, off-the-beaten-track brands from all corners of the world.

In this small, stylish and compact space DARK’s clientele can find some of the most striking brands the world has to offer. With brands such as Amsterdam’s LEFF, Pig & Hen, South Africa’s stylish Craft Cartel and Simon & Mary, there is truly something for everyone.

DARK is nestled in Streamlight’s world-class showroom in Johannesburg’s design district-Kramerville, be sure to visit and get your home ready for the seasons ahead.

For more visit Instagram  DARK.


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