D-Core Art & Soul Design Introduces Vero Sharp

D-Core Art and Soul Design are a specialized supplier of decorative art designed to perfectly suit almost every living and working environment. They are proud to introduce the fascinating work of German artist Vero Sharp to the South African public.

Vero Sharp is a German, contemporary, mixed-media artist born on 13 February 1975
in Prague, Czech Republik.

As a painter and printmaker, Vero is best known for her techniques utilizing acrylic paint
and resin with a scraper on structured wood to produce bulbous ridges and forms in
the surfaces of her works.

She has a master degree in design and she is fascinated by powerful images that have something to say without the need for explanation. Today her works can be found in the galleries and collections of Zürich, Johannesburg, Africa, Paris, New York and Dubai, among others. Vero Sharp lives and works between Würzburg, Germany and Spain.

You can see why Vero’s works are an eye-catcher even at great fairs under great competition, when you visit the atelier in Breitenbrunn. Clearly, Vero Sharp, with her aesthetic concept, meets the taste of art lovers – even those with great financial resources.

Often, large-format black-and-white photographs form the basis of the paintings. Her work boasts the imaginative and highly aesthetic over-paintings with acrylic and also with oil, as well as montages and collage techniques that open the painter to a wide range of possibilities of expression. Vero finds joy in experimentation and takes pleasure in producing work with not only a brush, but also a squeegee.

“My feeling tells me when a picture is finished,“ is her credo and she consistently refrains
from the interpretation of her works, placing much value on her “gut feeling“ and often painting with music.

The beauty of Vero Sharp is that she does not fit into one only concept – you can already see that during a first walk through the rooms in Breitenbrunn, which is also proven by a look at her most recent creative phase. Here, the colour is almost completely gone, black and white dominate, epoxy resin, graphite and coal have displaced acrylic – at least for a time.

For more visit D-Core Art & Soul Design.


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