Cape Island – Inspired By The Beauty of South Africa

Cape Island is a South African luxury lifestyle brand whose products are inspired by the beauty of the South African landscape. The company designs textile, décor and fragrance products using locally sourced and manufactured materials. Cape Island is true to its name as it actively pursues growth of its manufacturing base in and around the city of Cape Town.

Cape Island products differentiate themselves in this competitive market by having a strong focus on quality. The range of luxury lifestyle products which may be purchased online, through retail shops, décor boutiques and independent interior designers, includes hand printed and foiled cushions, glassware, bags, scented candles , soaps & lotions and a selection of note cards and wrapping paper. Most products feature iconic prints that South Africans can nostalgically relate to.

About The Team:

Cape Island was founded in 2015 by a group of dynamic women who share a mutual love for beautiful design and for the country they live in. They embarked on a quest to create stylish lifestyle pieces that they would be proud to have in their homes. Today the company employs a team of talented women and devoted mothers working together to create a legacy.

Giving Back:

Cape Island is a female-owned company with a passion for telling stories through products in a way that inspires people. The story of Africa is told through the fragrances themselves but also through the dramatic artwork that adorns the packaging. Each item produced connects you to the natural landscape and the many cultures and emotions woven into it.

As an environmentally and socially responsible company, they recognise that simply telling these stories is not enough. Their mission is to be a force for positive change in the immediate community and the wider continent by finding ways to give back to their original muse, Africa.

Shop the range of homeware and décor accessories now available from Cape Island.


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