Canvas It: Learn About the Art of Canvas Printing

Quality canvas prints are a great way to add your own individual mark to your interior. Stretched canvases can basically showcase anything from family photographs and memorable moments to your favourite prints, patterns and famous quotations. At Canvas It, quality prints, prompt assistance and free shipping are quickly setting this company apart as leaders in the industry. Let’s find out more about the services they offer.

Q: What canvas material do you use for print? A: “…through the testing of various products on the market we’ve seen that Picasso Satin canvas is the best in durability as well as presenting accurate colours. It’s finished off with a remarkable satin finish that other leading products don’t necessarily have…”

Q: Is the print water resistant? A: “The print is water resistant and can easily be cleaned with a moist/damp cloth to prevent dust build-up…”

Q: Will the print fade over time? A: “NO. NEVER. For comfort of mind, we give it 2 coatings acrylic sealer, although it’s not necessary. This ensures even a longer lasting print with a guaranteed no fade print, without affecting the colour at all.”

Q: Does the coating affect the colour? A: “Not in the slightest bit. In fact, it actually enhances the colour for better and more crisp displays.”

Q: Will the colours on my canvas be different from the colours on my screen? A: “We try our best to replicate the exact colours as presented on the screen. RGB colours do vary from screen to screen. We use monitor calibration to have this narrowed down to the minimum though.”

Q: What material do you use for the frame? A: “We use a 50mm super wood frame with cross braces for extra support on the bigger frames. The top edge of the wood is cut with a 30 degree angle to the inside so that the edge of the frame is not pushing through to the front of the print. The wood used is a very hard wood to prevent warping from taking place.”

Q: How do I hang my canvas?  A: “The canvas frames hang from a hook mounted on the back of the top bar of the canvas frame…”

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