Branscombe Furniture: Decor Made Simple

Learn to style your rooms like a professional designer. Here we share a few insider tips and tricks to achieve magazine-worthy styling at home, with a few of our favourite furniture finds from Branscombe.

When you’re considering the final touches to complete your room, there are a few key points that should not be overlooked. These include furniture layout, balance, accessories and more.

1. Furniture Layout

Purchasing the perfect furniture for your home is only the beginning. We always recommend buying the best quality you can afford. When planning a layout however, don’t be afraid to move things around and to have some fun finding the perfect position for your prized furniture items.

The perfect console table need not line the wall of a living space. It may in fact be better suited bordering the edge of a sofa and creating depth and flow in your space. It is therefore important to measure up and move the pieces around to find the ideal spot.

If you’re in search of the perfect piece to suit a modern lifestyle, be sure to shop the latest range of furniture from Branscombe. The defining characteristics of their furniture include uncompromising use of quality materials and workmanship and a love for creating simply beautiful pieces.

Here are some of Marcia’s favourites from the latest Branscombe collections:

2. Create Balance

In any room, the key is always to create visual balance between all the elements in the room. There are three main types of balance that can be achieved and this includes:

Symmetrical – a space is divided into two equal halves and the same design elements are feature on either side to create equal visual weight and a calming ambience.

Asymmetrical – with asymmetric balance both sides have equal weight but they are not symmetrical. You could use a different number, size or shape of elements, but the overall visual weight remains in balance.

Radial balance – this involves a central piece such as a jar or lamp featured on a round table. All other elements seem to radiate to arrange themselves around in circular symmetry.

3. Accessories

A room is not complete with large furniture items alone. Invest in quality accessories and decor to complement your design scheme. Choose a colour palette and let this guide your choices.

Accessories are a wonderful way to bring in depth, texture, colour and pattern to complete a designer abode.

We hope these simple tips will help you to complete your own magazine-worthy interiors.

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