Bottega d’Arte: The Other Side of Coralla Maiuri

The Bottega d’Arte homeware series comprises extraordinary pieces of delicate poetry in porcelain, which seems to belong to an uncontaminated fairytale world.

“When I make my own unique pieces, I have no limits and it is not necessary to design something reproducible. I feel animated by an anarchic and visionary attitude, in which I use furnace, clay and material temperatures in an arbitrary way, with surprising and unexpected results. Although it is a sometimes bumpy route I treasure it and it benefits all my work”. This is how the artist Coralla Maiuri describes the creative act in producing unique vases and ornamental objects for the Bottega d’Arte series.

Coralla Maiuri, a versatile artist in operation for more than twenty years, creates works and installations exhibited in international galleries. Born in Mexico to Italian and Polish parents, Coralla has since found a home in Rome and ceramics. As a self-taught artist, she explored various paths before returning to her one and only true passion.

In addition to ceramics, porcelains and tableware, she designs and manufactures furniture, lamps and tissues that express the charm of her dreaming aesthetic, but with emphasis on practical use. This is homeware on another level – where art and refined craftsmanship shine through in the details!

For over 30 years, Bottega d’Arte has provided the perfect solution for those who appreciate creations in style, taste and design for a more sophisticated life. Based in Solenta Italy, they bring the latest innovations to life to enhance any interior.

For more visit Bottega d’Arte.



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