Beautiful Horns: Embody The Spirit of Africa

Beautiful Horns started out of a love for wildlife and the idea of honouring an animal by turning their skulls and horns into a beautiful work of art, fit for the finest home, business or lodge.

Beautiful Horns product range encompasses the natural beauty of traditional African art. Their dedicated team of expert craftsmen sources only the best sustainable raw materials and sculpts them into works of art. Each item is uniquely handcrafted, telling the story of Africa.

Services on offer:
• Cleaning and whitening
• Engraving
• Scrimshaw
• Painting
• Polishing horns
• Beading
• Hydro dipping

Wide variety of products:

  • Original Animal Skulls (wall mounts and stands)
  • Polished Horns
  • Artificial Skulls and horns
  • Flat animal skins

Online Shop: Browse the online shop and have a look at the wide range of décor products on offer, for your wall as well as freestanding pieces.

Hunters: They welcome all local and international clients to send their own skulls to for customized designs.

Artificial Animal Skulls and Horns

The company embraces the fact that not all clients desire real animal skulls or horns, but still want an artwork just like it. Thus they have decided to take the challenge by the horns and make artificial skulls from original moulds, giving the skull all the natural curves of the real deal. These artificial horn moulds are already available and there are different types of moulds and colour resins to choose from.

Celebrating different craftsmen

With travels through Africa, Beautiful Horns have seen some incredible artwork made from raw materials. From smaller artwork such as key rings to bigger artwork such as animal sculptures. To celebrate these craftsmen they are in the process of adjusting their online shop to include these items. Keep an eye out for these new items coming soon!

For further inquiries, please contact us:
P: (+27)14 004 0050
C: (+27)73 484 8049



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