Baskets Are Always A Good Idea!

Beautifully woven baskets are a must in any home. These delightful creations are perfect for storing goods, organising a space, or adding texture and tone to an otherwise ordinary interior. From woven rattan, bamboo or fine wooden splints, baskets come in a variety of shapes and sizes – but one thing remains – baskets are versatile and make for great textural elements in the home.

Whether in the living room or bedroom, baskets can be used in a variety of ways and in many spaces. In short, baskets are always a good idea! Use them to store your DVD collection neatly in your TV room, or use a smaller basket to store your jewellery in the bedroom. Stacked in cupboards or on open shelving, baskets help to create a uniform and organised space. It gives the illusion of order in a clutter-free environment.

A worthwhile investment, a basket may quickly come in handy in any room. Store wood next to the fireplace or toilet paper in the guest bathroom. Soon enough you will find a use for a convenient basket you never thought you needed. Here we share Marcia’s top basket selections to help you gain order and organise your own interior spaces.

We love the natural look with raw materials that are both rustic and vintage. These baskets would do well in a traditional interior space. However, colourful basket options should also not be overlooked. A bright blue or white basket will be a great fit in a modern room or where it suits your existing colour scheme. Bigger varieties are also perfect for laundry and will instantly add style to your laundry room.

If cupboard storage is in short supply, try storing towels in the bathroom in a basket, perhaps rolled up tightly and sat side by side. This tip also works for bed linen – a hamper-style basket at the bottom of the bed keeps it within easy reach and provides a place to keep throws and extra layers for chillier nights. With so many options, you can’t go wrong!

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