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The Hunt By Maureen Quin Comes To The Cape Gallery

The Hunt – a selection of bronze sculptures by Maureen Quin will be on view at The Cape Gallery until 2 March 2019.

Maureen Quin is an award-winning artist in both Europe and South Africa, where she has her roots. In this famous HUNTING SERIES from 1990’s she captures the light and the dark depths of the human soul in a wonderful power game of innovative forms.

Hunter,  constantly associated with her cheetah: the faithful companion in the form of the hunting cheetah’s smooth beautiful gestalt-words in each sculpture its own truth. Initially searched for Maureen Quin just give shape to “Hunter and his cheetah”. Subsequently developed the sculptures into a coherent sequence that involved the entire humanity’s constant quest – the quest for power, glory, fame and fortune.

We hunt all the time through life – afterwards it becomes an internal search to find the right in ourselves. Companion grows together with the Hunter and symbolizes his surroundings.

Quin expresses her dismay at man’s inhumanity against his fellow man-desire to destroy their environment, driven by desire, greed, development, self-satisfaction. The Hunter has huge muscles – physical strength-but heads are small. Man is a bit too spontaneous, and makes their tangents without thinking. Different feelings on good and evil, life: mankind’s strong aggression, the urge to destroy our environment, to kill our fellow human beings, hatred, war, and violence – and its consequences: pains, anxiety, fear, remorse, despair and grief. These are followed eventually by desire for reconciliation, adoration- approach to higher heavenly powers – joy, love and forgiveness. New hope for humanity is about to destroy itself?

African myths mixed with spirituality, figurative forms with abstract, three-dimensional with exciting spaces. Even empty rooms designed. The realism turns sometimes to absurdities with surreal ambiguous interpretations. Everything is collected into an aesthetic unit of rhythms -of surprisingly fantastic compositions.

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