The Cape Gallery: A Solo Exhibition by Fredericke Stokhuyzen

A solo exhibition by Fredericke Stokhuyzen is now open at The Cape Gallery, on until Friday 29 March 2019. 

Poems are made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

– Joyce Kilmer. 1886 -1918

“Speaking to Fredericke and paging through her book I become aware of her love of nature, time spent with her husband John outdoors and their mutual love of travelling. As we continue she remembers a poem by Joyce Kilmer. Fredericke, like Joyce is challenged to capture the seemingly ever present and yet illusive wonder of a tree. This exhibition reflects a dedication, gratitude and reverence for nature that is palpable.’’ (interview with the Cape Gallery)

About the Artist:

South African landscapes, treescape, rockscapes and flowerscapes as well as wildlife are the embracing theme of Fredericke’s work. Painting only what she feels deeply about, the sheer beauty of nature is captured in this exhibition with honesty and originality.

Watercolours or pen and wash are executed on the spot in the course of her travels, while the oils are painted exclusively with a palette knife in her studio, a technique that gives her work a dramatic and unique quality. Born in Johannesburg of Dutch parents, her training commenced at Rhodes University where she obtained her degree in Fine Art and subsequently a teaching diploma.

Then followed a period at Central Art School, London in the design and making of stained glass windows – a technique that is transported with such great dramatic effect in her paintings.

Frederike has held many successful exhibitions both at home and in Europe where her reputation is now firmly established. In addition she has executed a number of important commissions for collectors in the USA – Firestone, Goodyear, General Motors, Ford.

“If all good painting is based on love and study, the mastery of technique and the originality of vision, all these combine in Fredericke’s work and are the qualities which make her paintings haunting and unique”.
(Alfred Ewan – Watercolourist and Lecturer at Rhodes)

Fredericke’s painting is fuelled by her passion for nature and landscape is her forte. Her still-life, flower pieces and wild life studies are offshoots inasmuch as they portray elements within it. The art resonates national pride, for Fredericke paints iconic sites enshrined as archetypes of South African topography like Table Mountain, Franschhoek and the Karoo. Such emotive landmarks are the focus of patriotic sentiment as they embody the rugged vigor of the South African identity. Frederike’s indigenous fauna and flora, her springbok, kudu, guinea fowl, umbrella pines, gums, jacarandas, disas, proteas, cosmos and vygies – too serve as rousing symbols of nationhood. – Lloyd Pollack

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