Renewal & Growth At The Cape Gallery

Don’t miss out on the latest exhibition at The Cape Gallery – Renewal and regrowth, looking through the lens of spring.

As they continue with the Harvey Rothschild and Ian Herslet exhibition until 30th October, The Cape Gallery invites you to view their work through the sunny haze of springtime.

We all know that spring is a time of renewal, a time to cast away the old and dreary and welcome in the new and bright. However, we believe that the real magic of spring lies in its ability to shine a new light on our creations and to enhance our man-made world through natures opulence.

Harvey Rothschild

Harvey Rothschild has stated that “Our salvation – our chance to live truly rich and fulfilled lives – lies in the need to reconnect with nature, to open our eyes to the things that we take for granted. Every day, I am in awe of the artistry of nature. it stirs my soul. it drives me to interpret and express the raw, visceral and powerful feelings it evokes in me.”
How much of the worlds natural beauty do we truly take the time to appreciate on a daily basis? Yes “stop and smell the flowers” is a cliché, but it is a cliché for a reason, like Rothschild we can all discover a little more about the world around us, and ourselves, just by taking a few minutes a day to truly bask in the splendor of the sheer opulence of spring.

Ian Herslet

“I am hugely interested in and preoccupied with South African Landscapes.”
Ian Herslet’s dreamy scenes are easy to get lost in. Like nature itself they are both calming, and energizing. They make you feel, even if only for a moment, as if you have been transported to a place outside space and time. You hear bird song, the movement of wind through they trees and a sense of peace wafts over you. You can almost feel the sun on your back and the breeze in your hair.

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth” – Henry David Thoreau

Celebrate this existing exhibition and reexamine it in a way that celebrates the changing of the seasons.

Find out more at The Cape Gallery.


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