ORMS: Invisible Motifs | Solo Exhibition by Mia Thom

Orms Cape Town School of Photography proudly presents Invisible Motifs, an exhibition engaging with the philosophy of music, photography and the body’s role in the performance of experience by Cape Town-based artist, Mia Thom.

In one piece, photographic paper is positioned beneath strings. Thom flitters the bow then drives it along the surface of the string– pushing against sensitive emulsion, and exposing the paper throughout the performance. Processed through darkroom chemistry the impression of her performance appears.

Mia Thom’s Invisible Motifs challenges the classical perceptions and practices of music and photography. Requiring time, technique and the body, music, and photography hold a great impact on our daily experience of the world. One of the dominant ways in which we are informed to navigate the world is dependent our reading of image, sound and our personal translations thereof. Thom investigates music and image making as embodied practices through distilling gestures of music performance in the visual record of print.


A site-specific performance in the dark performed by violin, cello, and voice with sampled darkroom sounds, transform the room into a sonic incubator—expectant to induce sensations of synesthesia. Musicians for the performance include Mia Thom, (violinist) and Jess Scott (cellist) with the music score by Lucy Strauss. There will be three performances throughout the run of the exhibition with limited seating available. There is no entrance fee but booking is essential.” – Curator, Lauren Theunissen.

Please note only 60 seats per performance are available for the last show:

16 February 2019: Final Performance at 11h00.

You can book your seat HERE.


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