DIY: Make a Gorgeous Mother’s Day Clock

What happens when functionality meets wall art? These fresh-faced wall clocks, of course! We adore the bright colours that would fit into any modern interior. A perfect DIY for your mom this Mother’s Day!

Get the look in just nine simple steps. See full instructions below. What you will need: – Wooden Clock Face – Acrylic Paint – Painter’s Tape – Paintbrush – Tape Measure – Clock Movement – Brass Clock Hands – Scissors – Pencil


  1. Using your tape measure, make 12 marks evenly around the circle’s edge.

  1. Tightly wrap your tape measure around your clock face and trace straight lines across to form 12 equal segments.

  1. Tape off sections that you would like to paint with painter’s tape.

  1. Optional: Add a polka dot pattern to some sections by dipping the end of your paintbrush into paint.

  1. Let dry for 30 minutes.
  1. Peel away your tape.
  1. Remove any visible pencil lines with an eraser.

  1. Attach your clock movement and clock hands.

  1. Pop in a battery and hang up your new clock!

  For this and other great DIY tutorials click on the link.


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