D-Core Design: 3 Ways To Hang Photography in Your Home

D-Core Design have a beautiful selection of curated photography to bring a bit of ‘art and soul’ into your interiors.

D-Core Design believe that photography is fashion for your walls and we could not agree more. Photography is an art form that has been used in the home for decades as an alternative to traditional paintings and prints. Photography symbolises an advancing technological age where visuals and mixed media express reality and ‘stream of consciousness’.

D-Core have a large selection of purposefully selected photography from some of the world’s best international photographers. D-Core Design have sole distribution rights to a variety of limited edition photography, which are copyrighted as per law. From majestic landscapes to abstract pieces, portraits and ‘pop’ photography, you will be sure to find something that tickles your fancy.

Choosing photography is the easy part; not so simple is where to place it. We have some tips for where to hang your artwork in your interiors:

The Bathroom

Hanging art in your bathroom seems counter-intuitive. The steam and damp could cause serious damage to a framed paper print, even when protected with glass. Luckily, D-Core offers alternatives to this conundrum. You have the choice of which material you want your photographic piece in be it wood, aluminium, Plexiglas, mixed media or canvas. We recommend using aluminium or Plexiglas for your bathroom art. Although bathrooms are considered highly functional spaces, this doesn’t mean that you should disregard them as a decorative space. A gorgeous photograph can create cohesiveness with the rest of your home when used in this space.

Your Home Office

Your office or study is a fantastic space to showcase your favourite images for some inspiration during the daily grind. Whether you work from home or use this space for study or doing important paper work, we often neglect decorating this space. Since most home office’s are tucked away into the recesses of a home, they tend not to have natural light and can be a bit dingy. Using photography to freshen up your space, you are setting yourself up for increased creativity and productivity.

The Nursery

While your baby or child might not be old enough to appreciate photography the way you do, photography in your nursery is a beautiful alternative to the traditional baby-centered artwork found in these spaces. This space is as much yours as it is your infants’. This is an eclectic and contemporary way to exhibit your favourite images.

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