Antique Steamer Trunks Brought Back to Life – The Stadl Art Way

Decorate your room with a masterpiece Stadl steamer trunk. It is the perfect place for satin sheets or duck feather cushions. These trunks are one of a kind like all the other Stadl Art products and the sole owners of these will never find one in their neighbour’s house.

Add some vintage style to your space with Stadl Art’s restored wooden steamer trunks.
Steamer trunks have been around for centuries and finding original pieces is becoming more difficult every year as floods, theft, fires and negligence bring these trunks to destruction and ashes.

Owning a vintage steamer trunk is something to be proud of. These trunks are quite old, and Stadl Art decided to bring some new life and purpose in some of its trunks.

The trunks are fairly kept in their original vintage form, but with a few added details to fit
into Stadl Art’s signature steampunk style. The outside is covered with resin to ensure durability for years to come.

Steamer trunks are great décor items in a home and can be used as furniture pieces in your living room for storage space, a book or side table, a coffee table or even a diy trunk office with filing compartments.

Get yours today. For more information contact Stadl Art!



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