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6 ways to create the ideal Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are a stunning way to make a room feel whole and an ideal way to add your personal touch. Here we take advice from the décor experts at Sugar Lift offering their top tips to create a great gallery wall you can be proud of.

Tip #1: What’s your vision?

We’d suggest you lay the framed pieces on the ground first, so you can visualize and tweak the layout to match your vision for the space.

Tip #2: Pick and match

Play with different mediums because the beauty of the gallery wall is that you can add new or old art from your life all to the mix, fitting them in seamlessly together. We’ve got all sorts of gallery wall ideas here to strike your fancy, so take your pick and add your own personal flair. Tip #3: Cohesion

Having a cohesive colour palette helps unify the wall, so that you’re left with a group of pieces that play off of each other nicely. We love how different complimentary colour hues can work well together. Tip #4: Themes

We like to incorporate a loosely general theme to the pieces in our gallery wall, especially a theme from the get-go that can inspire you until the end. A motif throughout keeps the works connected on some level, like a nature inspired gallery wall, for example. Tip #5: Variety

Variety is key—variety of frames, mediums, and size. Changing things up all over the wall keeps things interesting, so the viewer stays enthralled and won’t be able to keep their eyes off.

Tip#6: Dimensions

We wholeheartedly encourage you to add some 3-dimension pieces to your gallery wall to make it that much more dynamic. This is the perfect spot for that drapery that was an impulse buy from your latest travel adventures, or the rustic mirror gathering dust in your closet… the possibilities are really endless! It can also be wildly helpful to have a bigger anchor piece to ground the wall and build around – something that makes a statement as a focal piece. With gallery walls, you have full rein, so be creative and bold. Using some sentimental works, especially personal photography, tells a story and adds character to the wall. Keep things eclectic and personal, and you’ll have a wall that you’re sure to never be tired of!

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