SHF: 5 Ways To Use Candles In Your Interiors

Candles have the power to influence the mood of a space, creating a romantic, comforting or intimate environment with ease. Here we share a few simple ways to decorate with candles and we take a look at some of our favourites now in store at SHF.

Create a Candle Cluster

Add texture, height, colour and interest to your living space by creating a cluster of candles in a dedicated spot. Add candles of varying heights, shapes and sizes for variety. A simple arrangement of candles, when lit, can become a feature in your living space. SHF’s Rose Glassware (1) is ideal as a cluster for the living room – the metallic finish will be sure to provide a romantic glow that will work to soften any space.

A large focal point

Add a single large candle holder or jar to a coffee or side table and let it take centre stage in the living room. We love SHF’s Imprint Candle Holder (2) with multiple wicks which will fill your space with a gorgeous glow. Add a bit of drama with an interesting candle holder such as the Skull Candle Holder from SHF (4) and make a bold statement of style in your home.

A spa-like bathroom

Candles have the power to soothe and create a tranquil space. As such, it is perfect for the bathroom. Add a simple candle to a windowsill or arrangement of candles to the edge of your bath for a totally zen-like bathtime ritual. The Tulip Candle Holder (6) will add a rich colour and depth to your bathroom.

Introduce Hygge to your home

This trend is all about appreciating the smaller things in life, like the subtle glow of a candle. Create an inviting and totally Hygge environment with candles in your favourite spaces. From the bedroom to the kitchen or lounge, the warm glow of a candle is sure to bring comfort to your abode. The small oval candle lantern (5) from SHF is beautiful with a detailed finish to bring a sense of old world charm to your space. You could also go for a more modern approach with the striking Penta Candle Holder (7) which is sure to add a wow factor to any room.

Create a reading nook

Wouldn’t it be lovely to curl up with a book and embrace a relaxing day in your own home! Create the ideal little reading nook and be sure to add some large scented candles to bring light and comfort to this special place where you can unwind. A mobile lantern such as the Ravel Candle Lantern (3) from SHF may be the perfect solution for a reading nook, as you can easily move it around the house and find the perfect place for peaceful reading.

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