Kare Design: Some Bunny Loves You

Feel the Easter spirit this week and embrace the power of beautiful Easter decor in your home. Kare Design brings us a fabulous range of homeware including rabbit decor and accessories to spice up your home this Easter.

From ceramic bunnies in white, black and even gold, you can summon your inner child and bring some Easter cheer to your family’s celebrations this year. Kare Design is all about non-traditional, quirky and even playful decor to make your own distinct mark on your interior. These rabbit decor offerings are all of the above and more – and will surely bring a smile to your guests and family this weekend.

A little reminiscent of the early years of childhood wonder and exploration, these carefully crafted bunnies are a delight to behold. Add them to your celebratory lunch or strategically place them in your living room or kitchen for a quirky little touch to your space.

With so many great options available (see above), we are sure you’ll want to keep these bunnies at home all year round!

Some ideas:

  • Add a collection of bunnies to a mantel or display shelf in your living room.
  • Why not add a bunny to a windowsill to brighten up your kitchen.
  • Bring a little Easter cheer to your home office and incorporate an Easter bunny to your layout (see ideas below).

For these and other great homeware and furniture finds, be sure to visit Kare Design.


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