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Numatic: Organize Your Linen Closet Like A Pro

We all have that one closet in the house that we use to store everything and anything that doesn’t seem to have a place in our home. If you’re like us, then the linen closet is often that place. Perhaps it is time to declutter and learn to organize your linen closet with our pro tips.

Remove everything first

Unpack every shelf so that you can have a better idea of the space in the closet. Use a vacuum to suck up dust in the empty closet and a wet cloth to clean each shelf.


Next, take a look through all the unpacked goods and purge your non-essentials. Everything that is not linen and does not belong here – remove. Find a new home for things that are not supposed to be in the linen closet and choose to donate unwanted and unused bed linen that may only be taking up vital space in the closet. You can also cut up torn or broken sheets and use these as cleaning rags in the home.


Things brings us to our next point. Create a ‘donate’ box and fill these with linen that you no longer want or need. Find a worthy charity in your neighbourhood and decide to donate these items.

Storage Boxes

Open shelves can get messy. Invest in boxes or plastic storage bins to separate your seasonal linen and keep things neat and tidy. Closed boxes and plastic containers may also help to maintain the longevity of your linen – which will protect your items from dust and grime.

Store Sets Together

A clever way to store bed linen is to keep your corresponding sheets wrapped up inside of the correct pillow cases. That way, when it is time to change the bedding, you won’t need to sift through all the sheets to find the correct ones you need. Simply whip out the corresponding pillow case and you’ll find the entire set with ease.

Folding Towels

Decide on one way to fold all your towels and maximise the space. If you have a set way to fold all your towels, this will make for easy storage and a neater appearance. You could also store towels curled up and stacked in a basket or box – for a tidy and organized look.

Keep your home in tip top condition and clean out one room at a time. Starting with the linen closet, you can choose one area of focus each week to achieve a tidy, clean and organized home in no time.

Numatic offers a wide range of vacuum cleaners to help you keep things clean and tidy at home. Be sure to invest in a quality vacuum to help you eliminate dust and ensure the health and organisation of your home.


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