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Dyson: 2 Important Places Germs Are Hiding In Your House

Nobody likes to think that there are germs and bacteria hiding in our homes. The reality however, is that our homes are often the perfect habitat for grime, dirt and germs to spread and multiply. Here are two key areas you should kill germs in today!

  1. Floors

We easily bring dirt into our homes by walking in dust, grime and other unsightly objects that happen to get stuck to our shoes and feet. We can’t all apply the rule of leaving our shoes at the front door, however, we can take action to limit dirt and build-up on our floors.

Wood and laminate: Be sure to clean your wooden and laminate flooring regularly to remove obvious dirt and marks (and not so obvious grime and bacteria) from lurking in corners. Be sure to disinfect your mop with every use or you may just be dragging germs around instead of eliminating these unsightly objects in your home.

Carpets: Carpets can easily trap dirt in the fibres of its material. Be sure to vacuum your carpets often (at least once a week) and deep clean carpets with a thorough wash (at least once a year).

If you have small kids – and especially babies crawling around the home, then you want to keep your floors clean and free from dirt. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner to suck up dust and keep things crisp and fresh for longer.

2. Sofas and Furniture

It’s often the place where all the family action happens. The kids have a wrestling match with dad; the dogs climb up to have a cuddle; we share snacks and watch moves… all this and more happens on our beloved sofas. They take a lot of wear and tear and therefore can get quite dingy if not properly cared for.

Our suggestion is to vacuum the couch regularly and wash down any obvious stains and marks that may appear. Depending on the materials, you can also deep clean your couch to keep it in pristine condition.

The same is true for any other furniture items in your home. Dust these down weekly and vacuum around any nooks and crevices to keep your pieces dust free for longer.

Dyson is on trend with the latest vacuum technology and a cord-free solution for easy vacuuming. You can expect a hassle-free clean with powerful suction. Clean your home with ease and ensure a safer, healthier and cleaner environment for all.


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