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8 Tips To Clean Your Home These School Holidays

It’s school holidays and you may be planning to entertain family and friends from out of town. Learn to clean up like a pro with our top tips. No mess no fuss. Here’s what you need to do to clean your home with ease!

1. Clean from the top down

When dusting or tidying up, always work from the top down. Dust those ceiling boards first and then work your way down to the floors. Start with tidying up, followed up by dusting, cleaning and vacuuming – in that order. This way you won’t miss any hidden spots and you won’t get dust all over your home.

2. Declutter

Clear out any unwanted goods. Throw out anything you haven’t used or worn in a year! Donate your old clothing to a charity of your choice or sell them online!

3. Clean the doormat

Beat, shake out or hose down your doormats – these are your front line against tracked-in dirt—so keep them clean enough to function at peak efficiency.

4. Wash the walls

This may be the one place you are neglecting, but your walls are often a gathering place for grime and bacteria. Be sure to wash them down with a sponge and use some dishwashing detergent and water to remove marks and evident dirt.

5. Thwart moths

Clean the inside of your drawers and wardrobe, and then wipe the insides with cedarwood oil. Kill moth larvae by washing clothing at the highest temperature possible—or you could stick your clothing in a plastic bag and freeze them for 24 hours.

6. Brighten up

Turn off your lights and remove their shades, globes and bulbs. Wash the removable parts with regular dish soap and wipe the fixed parts with a damp cloth.

7. Turn over

If you’re expecting guests, be sure to turn over the mattresses in your guest bedroom and get out some fresh linens. Launder all duvets and pillows. You should ideally turn your mattresses every three months to keep it in a good condition.

8. Cheer upholstery

Loose upholstery covers should be washed or dry-cleaned and then placed back on the furniture while still damp to reshape them.

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