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Dec 7, 2018

Wanda-Michelle Interiors : How to Design The Perfect Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet is a fabulous feature in any home. When planning your layout, there are a number of key considerations you need to think about to make your walk-in closet super stylish, sleek and functional. We asked the experts from Wanda Michelle Interiors for advice in creating a dreamy walk-in for your home.

Consider the layout carefully

When it comes to building a walk-in closet, you will need to carefully consider the layout to suit the space. A walk-in closet, if not catered to carefully, may result in a smaller bedroom, as space will be needed to create the actual closet with easy flow. You could consider a typical “U” or “L” shape, a “his” and “hers” area, an open plan closet, or a stylish walk-through. Whatever your choice, think about the flow and functionality before deciding on your ultimate design,

Furnishing your walk-in closet

Customised wardrobe space is often key in a superior walk-in closet. Be sure to get a designer to help you customise the space to suit your needs. Will you require a seating area, a vanity or perhaps additional seating. List your furniture requirements ahead of time and be sure to invest in superior finishes to suit your designer style.

Another great option is to install a dressing island as a feature in the space. Besides adding to the style and flow of your room, it could also serve as added storage.


Be sure to think about all the smaller details that will add to the overall appeal and functionality of your walk-in closet. Lighting is very important as you will need to create a well-lit space where you can easily get dressed and browse through your clothing.

You may want to invest in layered lighting here. Downlighters are great for full lighting but you may also want to splurge on a stylish chandelier and task lighting in this space.

Think about the placement of mirrors too. A full-length mirror is essential to help you get a fuller picture once dressed, but a small dressing table mirror may also be key if you need a space to apply make-up and jewellery.

What’s your style?

Create a seamless flow between your master ensuite, bedroom and walk-in closet. You can do this by keeping a similar colour palette and style. This will make for a more uniform transition between the spaces.

The Wanda-Michelle Interiors Designer Closet.

Leave the design of your walk-in closet to the professionals. Contact the team at Wanda Michelle Interiors today for a consultation to create your perfect walk-in closet. They are ready to help and bring your vision to life.

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