Welcome Your Sweet Cherub Home with The Hall Collection

Are you expecting in 2019? There is no greater joy than welcoming a new baby into your home. With The Hall Collection, you can rest assured that your new nursery will be kitted out in perfection with the latest Baby Collection of bespoke linen.

Whether it’s a crib, cot or a toddler bed, your child’s first bed is where there hopes and dreams will shape their lives. A good night’s rest certainly begins with a quality bed and mattress – even for your little ones.

The Cherubin Mattress from The Hall Collection is soft on the outside and firm on the inside. This mattress is made with the correct firmness for very young children. The quality lamb’s wool and silk padding offers a soft feel while ensuring good thermal regulation. Specifically developed according to the Swiss pediatrics’ recommendations for infant beds, it contains a high quality cfc-free core.

Choosing the best quality linens for your baby is just as important to keep your little ones safe and comfortable.

Here are a few tips to choosing linens and furniture for your nursery and new baby:

  • Choose lighter fabrics that will help your little one regulate their temperature, keeping them cool in those warm summer nights and warm throughout winter.
  • Ensure that your bedding is comfortable. A child’s skin is especially sensitive, so think about the fabric. Breathable cotton is a great option.
  • Size is important. Choose fitted sheets which are the right size for your child’s cot or bed. This will keep things orderly and also ensure greater safety as your child won’t easily get wrapped up in loose sheets.

The softest, hand woven linens from The Hall Collection, made from the best quality cottons, will certainly give your little one a great night’s rest. You can also bring the beauty of Cashmere home with your new baby. 100% soft, quality cashmere blankets are available in sizes 100X100 – the perfect addition to your nursery!

Shop the Baby Collection at The Hall Collection.


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