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Apr 9, 2019

The Hall Collection: Luxury Mattresses, Bases & Toppers

Sleep in true luxury with The Hotel Collection of mattresses, bases and toppers now on offer from The Hall Collection. Here you will find comfort for your body and peace of mind for a great night’s rest.



All mattresses in the collection are made of 100% natural materials that meet the EcoLabel standard. The freedom to choose the best product after a rigorous selection process has been one of the principles that distinguishes The Hall Collection as sleep crafters. Better than anyone, they know the secret of assembling fine materials that will form quality beds.

The pricing on The Hotel Collection beds is based on a minimum order of 6x beds.



Thanks to the high-low core technology and two layers of mini-springs, this mattress shows the true benefits of sleep technology. Its dynamic comfort and quality materials allow for a softer feel. Features include reinforced edges, flame retardant and stain resistant ticking, zips for optional double bed assembly and a seasonal flipping indicator.


Emeraude Mattress Topper

With miniature pocket springs and natural stuffing, this mattress topper guarantees unrivaled comfort. Features include flame retardant cover and stain resistant ticking and zips for optional double bed assembly. It’s lightweight materials ensure your clients experience the full luxury of sleep.




With progressive compression and soft-feel comfort the Ambre reduces pressure for those with slender bodies while optimally supporting others with a heavier frame. Features include reinforced edges, flame retardant cover, zips for optional double bed assembly and seasonal flipping indicator. The Ambre while being versatile and practical still upholds our high standard of luxurious comfort.


An exceptional mattress needs a base that creates superior support. These box spring bases are crafted from solid Swiss hardwood and assembled by hand. These beautiful pieces of furniture can stand alone or fit into an existing bed frame. The range of upholstered bases are designed to provide traditional suspension support for each specific mattress sold. Without the correct base the comfort of your bed as well as the life of your mattress can be affected.



15 cm thick, this boxspring fits perfectly into any existing bed frame. Its raised edges prevent your mattress from moving. Dovetail joints and conical spring suspension systems enable increased sturdiness and durability of both your mattress and base.



A traditional upholstered boxspring with spring suspension, raised edges and twin locking systems. It’s mounted furniture feet allows easy access for cleaning under the bed, or storing luggage. Available in a variety of finishes and structures to suit your’s and your client’s needs.

emeraude topper

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