The Hall Collection: The History of Sleep

From Job’s straw bed to the divan of Solomon to the palanquin crafted from a cedar of Lebanon for the brides in the Song of Songs, the mattress has always been associated with sleep. “Blessed be the man who invented sleep,” exclaimed Don Quixote. The modern word mattress comes from the Arab ‘matrah’ and the ‘materasso’ of Renaissance Italy.

Although the mattress stems from humble beginnings, today we understand the power of sleep and the beauty of a bed we can truly rely on.

The Hall Collection are specialist importers of bespoke mattresses and beds from Elite Beds of Switzerland and the finest linens from Quagliotti of Italy.

All their mattresses are European eco-labelled and, as with their linens, are custom-made and hand-crafted to last a lifetime.

Elite’s master craftsmen know the history of sleep and its lessons by heart. They know that although 21st century technology is progressing at breakneck speed, the secret of a good night’s sleep lies in selecting fine materials that are then meticulously hand-assembled. Of all the fine things we have access to, a good night’s sleep is still the most personal, and one that calls for a personalised solution.

A good night’s sleep begins in the master craftsman’s workshop. Here each mattress is a unique piece made with exceptional care in the tradition of fine workmanship.

Visit The Hall Collection showrooms in Cape Town or Johannesburg to experience the difference of sleeping on an Elite custom-made bed.

Elite Ambiance E-Motion

AMBIANCE E-MOTION – LE SOMMIER TAPISSIER DE RELAXATION Lire, regarder confortablement un film et profiter de massages après une journée harassante, et vous ne voudrez plus sortir de votre lit. Massage dos/jambes et effets « wave » réglables – Position de repos sur le ventre facilitée – Position de relaxation pour jambes lourdes – Système auto de recul pour garder le contact avec le chevet.

Posted by Elite on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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