The Hall Collection for Extraordinary Sleep

Sleep, like breathing is an integral and natural part of our daily lives. Although you spend only one third of your life asleep, your days are directly affected by the quality of your nights. Your mattress is the most important part of enabling good sleep.

If you’re after extraordinary sleep, then The Hall Collection is for you! The finest imported linens and bespoke beds have been chosen for their collection that is both authentic and superior in quality.

Their natural Eco-label mattresses are handmade by master Swiss craftsmen using age-old traditions. Each is a unique piece made with exceptional care and attention to detail. They take great pride in selling bespoke, custom made beds tailored to suit their clients. The imported linens are woven from the finest extra long staple Egyptian cotton to create a noticeably luxurious finish. All linens are crafted in Italy and embody the qualities of tradition we so admire.  

Elite mattresses are made with a final layer of cashmere on the winter side and silk on the summer side. This ensures perfect body temperature regulation whatever the season or the climate. The way we choose to sleep is intensely personal. This means the mattress you choose needs to be made according to your specific body type and needs. Choosing quality products that have a long life, leaves a lighter impact on the earth and its precious natural resources. The Hall Collection’s hand-made mattresses are made to last a lifetime and their fine cotton linens will be enjoyed for years.  
The secret to good sleep is in sourcing the finest natural products. This is why we love The Hall Collection as all the natural materials are sustainably produced, ethically sourced and hold the EcoLabel certification. This ensures that only the finest raw-materials are chosen to protect the health of clients and the environment, without the use of toxic products. “We believe we have a responsibility to be kind to nature and true to ourselves.”
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